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Term used in evaluation of a casino customer's slot play that represents all coins or credits played, including winnings that subsequently are played and lost.
AWP machine
Term used for machines with limited payout and low bets, typicaly used for street market in some jurisdictions.
bill acceptor/bill validator
Optional assembly that accepts valid paper bills and causes the host machine to either dispense change or issue credits.
bonus game
A secondary event in a slot game that permits the player to win additional money through an activity other than the spinning of reels.
bonus poker
A genre of video poker which returns higher-than-normal jackpots for designated four-of-a-kind hands.
A slot machine that includes a bonus feature applicable only when multiple coins are wagered.
A slot machine with a pay schedule including winning combinations that only apply when multiple coins are wagered.
The exterior box housing all machine components like monitor, reel mechanism, hopper, bill acceptor, coin acceptor, ticket printer, etc.
Light that mounts on top of the machine and indicates various machine modes and game conditions.
coin-free play
Slot play using one of several new technologies to substitute printed tickets or multicredit tokens for coins in jackpots.
Coins wagered. The coin-in assembly receives, verifies, counts and appropriately routes coins deposited in the machine. The coin-in meters (mechanical and software) accumulate total coin-out numbers.
coin comparitor
Electronic coin acceptor mechanism that receives and validates coins deposited in the machine. A coin comparitor uses a sample coin against which incoming coins are compared for validity.
credit limit
The maximum number of credits the machine will accumulate before causing either a hopper-pay, hand-pay or cash-out ticket situation.
credit play
Allows all awards except the top award and hand pays to accumulate on the credits display rather than dispensing from the hopper. Some game versions allow player-selected credit or noncredit pay.
Coin or bill value. Euro coin denominations are: 1euro cent, 2 euro cent, 5 euro cent, 10 euro cent, 20 euro cent, 50 euro cent, 1 Euro and 2 Euro.
In casino revenue accounting, cash and cash equivalents exchanged for chips and (if played) risked against the casino; player`s bankroll. Handle at table games is not accounted, in default of handle statistics, revenue accounting for these games starts with drop.
electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM)
EEPROM chips are often used to store backup game data on a game machine.
erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM)
The game program and video graphics are stored on EPROMs.
hand pay
Money award paid by an attendant rather than being dispensed by the machine.
The gross amount wagered at any form of gambling. Gross wagering, betting, gross betting or gross amount bet, money staked, turnover and lottery sales are in various systems of accounting synonyms for handle.
Distinction between drop and handle: Handle is the total amount wagered, or bet: a chip may be wagered many times before the game goes to a decision and the chip is won or lost.
hit frequency
The frequency with which a slot or video poker machine registers a winning combination, relative to the number of games played.
hold percentages
Hold percentages for table games are ratios of win to drop. Table games typically win (hold) 12% to 20% of drop, depending on the kind of game, odds and conditions of play.
Assembly inside the machine that receives, holds and dispenses coins. When the hopper is full, coins are diverted to the drop box.
idle mode
The condition that exists when no one is playing the game and no credits exist on the credit meter.
Top award win.
light emitting diode (LED)
Used in digital displays and as status indicators.
linked progressive jackpot
A jackpot incremented by a percentage of coins wagered on twoor more slot machines.
lockupThis occurs during some tilt and error conditions. Game play is suspended but self test and statistical data modes are operational.
max coin/max bet
Maximum number of coins or credits the game will accept for a single play.
max win/max pay
Highest award on the game play.
Counters. Meters can either be mechanical or software counters to collect game play data. Hardware meters collect lifetime totals and cannot be reset. Software meters are displayed in the statistical data mode, and can be reset to zero.
Operational state of the machine. The following modes can be differentiated: game play, idle, statistical data, self test and tilt.
multicoin slot game
A slot allowing wagers of two or more coins for each payline in a multiline game.
A slot machine with a pay schedule in which the jackpot for each winning combination is multiplied evenly by each coin wagered (e.g., first coin 10; second coin, 20).
multiplier pay
Each win amount is a linear multiple of the number of coins or credits bet.
multisite progressive (also widearea progressive)
A slot that is linked electronically to a network of units of the same game at different casinos, with coins wagered on all connected machines incrementing a single jackpot.
noncredit mode
The machine will accept no more than the max bet allowed per game, and all wins are paid out in coins or by an attendant at the time of win. If a bill acceptor is present, it functions as a changer only.
optimal payback
The long-term payback percentage in a video poker game that theoretically would result if a player used perfect, error-free strategy.
List of parameters of the slot game, describing all the winning combinations, theit probabilities, awards for these combinations and a payback percentage of the game.
payback percentage
The portion of each dollar wagered on a given machine or group of machines that is retuned to the players in jackpots over the long term. Payback percentages listed for individual slots represent the amount returned to players over hundreds of thousands of games, as determined by computer simulation of manufacturers and regulatory agencies.
The line of reel positions on which symbols must land to form winning combinations.
pay table
Chart of pay amounts as a function of each winning combination and number of coins or credits bet.
player digital display
In reel slot machines, game information is presented as an LED digital display through windows on the slot glass.
player tracking system (PTS)
A data collection package that enables the owner/operator of the machine to identify and gather information about players vie ID cards and readers.
processor board
Controls all video and/or game functions in a machine.
A system of pooling a fraction of each wager into a cumulative fund which is available for a top-pay win.
progressive jackpotA jackpot which increments electronically with a preset percentage of each coin wagered.
random access memory (RAM)
Backup memory of game information is stored in the CMOS RAM chip on the processor board.
CMOS memory (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) is a battery powered memory, used to store backup RAM data.
random number generator
A software program used in slot machines that sequences through a series of numbers (each number corresponding to a single game outcome) at high speed and selects one at random when the player initiates a game by pressing a wager button or pulling the slot handle.
reel strip
A set of symbols on a slot reel.
scatter pay
A winning combination in which the individual jackpot symbols are not required to line up for the bonus round.
second-screen bonus
A bonus game in which the reels disappear and a new scene is presented to the player for the bonus round.
self test mode
The software mode that allows processor board input and output tests and enables option selections.
slot game
A type of machine that utilizes spinning slot reels or a video simulation of reels. A win occurs when reel symbols line up in a specified manner.
slot handle
Optional handle located on the right side of a slot machine. Pulling the handle after a wager causes reels to spin.
slot reel
The part of a slot machine that holds one reel strip and spins. Machines generally have three or more independent slot reels.
The wood or metal base, housing the drop box, to which a standard upright machine is attached.
takeout percentage
Casinos generally report handle for slot operations and in slot revenue accounting the percentage of win to handle is known as takeout percentage.
theoretical payback
The percentage result of a formula programmed into a slot machine's computer which, by the laws of mathematical probability represents the average amount of all wagers returned to players via jackpots.
Error in machine operation that suspends game play. Tilts can be caused by hardware or software problems and must be corrected before game play can continue.
The use of multicredit tokens in place of coins in slot machines.
top box
An enclosed area at the top of the machine that typically contains a light box and display glass, a candle and/or various optional assemblies.