Casino Technology

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Spectacular gaming variety at Casino Technology booth at G2E 2010

This year Casino Technology will meet the G2E visitors with a number of innovations and dozens of new gaming titles. One of the accents will be the latest development of the popular multi-game series GAMOPOLIS, with its latest versions: GAMOPILIS 3, 4, 5 and 6 – each one consisting of 10 different games), making 40 video slot titles in total, non-repeated in the different sets! This variety is aimed to provide the gaming halls and casinos with the ability to offer great choice to visitors, only within a couple of square meters of gaming area, resulting in hours of entertaining excitement for players without even leaving their seats. Additional player’s attraction is the high quality visual presentation of the games, adding to the excitement during the play and offering life-like experience. Coming soon are the next versions GAMOPILIS 7, 8, 9 and 10 – each one to offer brand new, previously unreleased gaming titles.

ALSO on display at G2E, implemented in the top models GEMINI SENSA PLUS and TANGRA TOUCH there will be the latest range of Casino Technology video-slots offered in themed groups, complemented by different jackpot systems:
MOTORMANIA Game Suit – themed video slot series, based on the Motor racings theme and captivating the players with great 3D visualization and shattering sounds.
FALCON HEROES Game Suit – themed video slot series based on the adventure spirit and the fascination of the wartime heroes, with an added hint of romance.

This year Casino Technology is showcasing at G2E with a record of products officially launched in California, good interest indicated by the players and number of installations scheduled for the next 6-12 months. The company has a strategic plan for development of products for the US markets in and in 2011 there will be introduced and certified a number of products featuring outstanding graphic appearance and intriguing mathematical concepts, as a result of profound market analyses, studies and advices given by leading local slot experts. The company’s planned investment in marketing and research for 2011 includes California, Oklahoma, Illinois and Ohio.

The company also made further progress in the countries of Latin America with accomplished approval procedures in Argentina and a number of installations committed by leading casino brands; an installation agreement for Mexico and a range of games successfully introduced in two of the most prestigious casinos there; constantly growing brand recognition resulting in expansion at new markets for the company, such as Guatemala and Uruguay and increased demand and many new contracts in Peru and Panama.