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Breathe taking speed, heart breaking romance and the wonders of the world at Casino Technology stand at ICE 2011

A smart mix of proven releases along with the most promising new titles will be showcased by Casino Technology at the forthcoming ICE 2011. This variety is featured in the latest versions of the ABSOLUTE GAMES multigame series launched as a respond the latest trends and customers demands in the different European markets. Launched under the concept name GAMOPOLIS™ – The City of Games, the new models: GAMOPILISTM 3+, 4+, 5+ and 6+, offer the maximum optimal number of single games integrated in one machine – per 10 in every version, non-repeated in the different sets! The great potential of the series lies in the selection of well-working game mix, which can increase the effectiveness in different market areas and conditions. The maximum variety of themes and math models within the same gaming unit is aimed to give the operators more value for the price they pay, enabling them to offer to players the biggest choice of games, hold within smaller number of machines.

Another accent in Casino Technology show case in London are the latest Game Suits, presented in several different themes, every one featuring full range of product modules providing complete gaming experience to the player. This includes more 20 new video-slot releases accommodated in the latest models of sophisticated Gemini Sensa Plus™ and Tangra Touch™ cabinets, featuring a range of new options and devices, and the themed jackpots, visualized on state-of-the art signs with spectacular video streaming and celebration events, adding to the excitement during the play and offering life-like experience.

After the successful MOTORMANIA™, introduced at the beginning of 2010, Casino Technology launched at G2E the second Game Suit FALCON HEROES™ – based on the adventure spirit and the fascination of the wartime heroes, and now the ICE audience will have the chance to see the brand new series 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD™, presenting each one of the biggest wonders on Earth with spectacular breathe taking views.

Games Directory:


– based on the world travels theme, presenting each one of the world 7 Wonders in different game Games available: The Wonders of Petra™, The Wonders of Taj Mahal™, The Wonders of Chichen Itza™, The Wonders of Machu Picchu™, The Wonders of Colosseum™


– based on the adventure spirit and the fascination of the wartime heroes, with an added hint of romance. Games available: FALCON HEROES™, BALOON SAFARI™, EASY GLIDERS™ and COMBAT ROMANCE™


– based on the motor racings theme and captivating the players with great 3D visualization and shattering sounds. Games available: MONSTER WHEELS™, FOXY POLICE™, DESERT KINGS™, PRINCESS OF SPEED™, BORN TO RIDE™

General features:

  • Great gaming themes variety - more than 40 brand new game titles
  • Life like experience
  • Multiple jackpots internal and external, visualized through high definition 3D graphics and state of the art signs
  • Plenty of bonuses and features
  • Available in GEMINI SENSA PLUSTM and TANGRA TOUCHTM sophisticated cabinets
  • High quality wide screen resolution and surround stereo sound powered by the new hardware platform Tough Rider