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A brand new game suit and unique network bonus system launched at ICE 2011

Following the broad game portfolio, with more than 50 new games and concepts developed in 2010 Casino Technology surprised ICE visitors with the brand new game suit 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD™ (follow up to MOTORMANIA™ and FALCON HEROES™), completed by the unique network bonus system REEL ACTION™ .

7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD™ presents an entertaining concept allowing players to explore the world with 7 different video-slot games featuring varied math models and bonus events, but based on common theme and symbols. The game suit is linked to the novel network bonus, REEL ACTION™, creating enthusiasm with unexpected bonus wins, enriching further the lavish HD graphic experience and expanding the options of the smart progressive bonus system within the series.

The spectacular REEL ACTION™, which attracts the players at a glance visualizing huge video slot on 6 plasma screens, raised upon the group of the linked games, is a leap ahead in terms of interactivity, involving the social element in gaming and complementing Game Suit series. It will also be available with the rest of Game suits from Casino Technology, in addition to whole variety of other jackpot systems compatible with the games.

In the course of developing new and more attractive products, Casino Technology is preparing a launch of several licensed title products in 2011, each one with a unique concept. The very first one unveiled at ICE in London feature Penthouse branded video slot products to be presented during the second half of the year on the markets. The original concept behind these new product developments promises great entertainment and experience for the players.

The follow up from ICE in London shows that operators have been looking into new opportunities for development with new and more profitable products. This opens great perspectives for Casino Technology, because nevertheless 2010 was difficult in terms of product placement, it was still very productive for the company resulted in launching broad range of new products. The main priority of the company is to create products that can maximize operators’ performance, while answering the constantly increasing demands of the players and the latest series of multigames, game suits and jackpot concepts really achieve this aim and drive results.