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A flying start for PlayMe grand-piano roulette in Europe

After its introduction to the gaming world, the striking multiplayer system saw a range of installations in Central and Eastern Europe. The great potential of the grand piano roulette to attract and entertain casino crowds was well established recently by the owners of The Rocks Casino and Hotel, a prestigious resort on the North Cyprus waterfront location. The operator has chosen the product in order to bring something different into his newly refurbed luxury resort. The opening night saw PlayMe featured in a live broadcast by a Turkish TV channel with an audience of millions.

Since its impressive launch the PlayMe grand-piano roulette raised a furore in the industry capturing interest of operators, clients and gaming experts. A tide of media interest was drawn, provoked by the pioneering concept; which combines quality entertainment with quality gaming in an incredibly neat and smart way.

A well deserved recognition for Casino Technology team, who invented and manufactured the product entirely in-house, and was the flying start at Gaming Awards 2008 where PlayMe was ranked as one of the five finalists entering the group with the leading nominated companies like Aristocrat, Bally and Cammegh.

Michel Claeys - Director of Operations CTAG Casinos Egypt and Chairmen of the Gaming Awards Judges said ‘Casino Technologies PlayMe Grand Piano Roulette was certainly innovative and more than original, it was a strong contender in its category.’ Some of the rest of the judges also qualified the product as ‘one of the strongest nominees’ and ‘a difficult choice to decide the winner’.

Out of the major noise around the product the most enthusiastic comments refer to its ability to demand attention and to fully perform the main purpose of every gaming equipment unit – to entertain the crowds. It inevitably attracts visitors who are initially fascinated by the piano-bar ambience but then are always willing to try the roulette game. Steve Surch, Casino Technology Group Director Sales & Market Development explains it further: ‘There are numerous options: operators could invite famous pop or jazz stars and hold parties and promotions, or they can host regular live performances with a piano player and a singer, or simply to play a CD with light relaxing music for those players who prefer a quieter ambience. Whichever case it will always result in a longer play for the players sitting at the piano.

Casino Technology's R&D team has been currently developing a range of new designs of the product with the vision to bring a unique atmosphere to every gaming site.

PlayMe installation in The Rocks Casino and Hotel in Northen Cyprus