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Casino Technology Launches
a Range of Innovations for G2E Asia

The successful launch of the innovative video slot X-Win , featuring completely new design and bonus features, marked the long-term commitment of Casino Technology to promote their video slot range with an array of advanced concepts and technologically enhanced features.

Casino Technology Sales Director Sonia Nikolova in front of two of the latest video slots of the company, which will be demonstrated at G2E Asia

Video-slots like AZTEC RETURNS, X-WIN, COLUMBUS TREASURE, OCEAN DELIGHT and WILD AFRICA were very well accepted by players during the last half-year; the enhanced hi-quality graphics and the high level of interaction, exploiting the full advantages of the hi-end GEMINI cabinet seemed to be a perfect gaming solution for many markets in Europe and Latin America. The new games, which the company has prepared to show to the Asian audience, further develop in the same direction.
“At G2E in Macau we shall offer a multitude of ideas for high-performing comprehensive slot mix suited to all different player types – says Sonia Nikolova, Sales Director of the company. GOLDEN BIRD, CARNIVAL KING, CARNIVAL PRINCESS and BUSH EXPLORER are just a few of the new releases, which we believe will perfectly suit the Asian audience.”

The next important step for the company’s R&D team is moving to a new, PC-based gaming platform, a successor to ATLAS. ‘With the new PC-platform we have the technical ability to develop further the technical level of our video-slots, allowing greater speed and reliability’ – comments Derek Russan, Casino Technology’s R&D Director. ‘The dual monitor support and the wide screen technology allow us to implement additional gaming features in more interactivity in a user friendly way, which makes a crucial difference for the player appeal.’

The enhanced capabilities of the new platform will be completed with a new slant-top and an upright cabinet to be launched at the end of the year. Both cabinets are designed to provide enhanced play potential due to the range of new options aimed to increase player’s comfort and interaction, and to ensure a multi-functional user-friendly environment.

The latest ATLAS-based games from Casino Technology: