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The new slant top cabinet from Casino Technology was launched at IGE 2009

This year's ICE show saw the launch of the latest slant top cabinet series from Casino Technology -
Tangra Touch™. After the successful implementation of the new generation Gemini Sensa™ Upright series last year, now Casino Technology offers another useful tool to casino operators, summarizing the best achievements of the gaming technologies.

The advanced solutions in the new cabinet offer a range of new possibilities to clients, mainly adding to operator serviceability and player comfort. The attractive and imposing design impressed ICE visitors who gave high appraisal to the slot machine. Tangra Touch™ comes completed with a new hardware motherboard Tough Rider™ providing a range of technical improvements in terms of safety, speed and performance.

Tangra Touch™ powered by Tough Rider™ is a special product, which we have specially prepared to meet client expectations. Analysing their needs and feedback our R&D team carefully developed the new concept implementing the whole of our experience as a slot-manufacturer. I believe we achieved our main goal with this product to provide enhanced play potential along with multi-functional user-friendly environment while securing long-lasting, flawless and reliable operation.’ explains Derek Russan Casino Technology R&D Director.

The exotic name of Tangra Touch™ was no accident. Naming the new product after the most esteemed proto Bulgarian deity Casino Technology team wanted to emphasize the succession with the thousand-year old tradition of Bulgarian craftsmen, incarnating the inherited talents into the quality, strength and beautiful design of their new products.