Casino Technology

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Game Creation Cycle

The process of creation of a game is a ‘magic’ mixture where Technology and Art combine. A large number of specialists and professionals are involved in this process. Working together, they develop gaming concepts, mathematical models, and statistical analysis. Their synchronized efforts result in the making of innovative and exciting games, which captivate players’ attention.

Our Product Development Managers Team:

  • Study the psychology, profile and tastes of local players
  • Hosts focus groups with casino operators, slot managers, floor managers, players etc.
  • Creates game designs concepts through exploration of different game models
  • Creates custom designs of game themes for different markets
  • Develops custom technical specification for different markets

Our Graphic Designers Team:

  • Consists of 8 creative groups of highly educated, talented artists
  • Creates graphic symbols, characters and themed artworks
  • Uses various graphic styles and techniques

Our R&D Team:

  • Implements the corporate strategy of an innovative technical and engineering approach
  • Subdivisions covering Graphics, Mathematics, statistics, software, hardware and industrial design employ over 30 highly skilled experts to create the company’s products
  • Reinvests over 30% of the annual income of the Company into research and development

Our Quality Assurance Team:

  • Develops testing methodologies related to specific market requirements and new design proposals
  • Implements embedded self-tests for a functional check of the products
  • Monitors and follows through the procedures which ensure high quality products and compliance with industry recognized standards

Our Compliance Team:

  • Monitors and updates the legislation requirements for different markets in relation to the certification process
  • Manages the implementation of regulatory requirements into the hardware and software
  • Performs tests in conjunction with the Quality Assurance Department and laboratories. The main laboratories we work with are: GLI, SIQ, EZW, ITC, KEMA, BMM.

Our Quality Control Team:

  • Accomplishes quality control tests at all levels and inspects prototypes before mass production
  • Makes a QA inspection of each manufactured unit before it is dispatched to the customer

Our Technical support and Service department:

  • Is equipped with the most modern technological and logistics means and is ready to ensure support within 24 hours of a received call
  • Provides international technical support, installation and set-up assistance, and test-run of the equipment
  • Collects feedback from operators