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Volatility Reels: 5 Winning lines: 1, 5, 9, 15, 21 Payout percentage: 90.60% / 93.00% / 95.00% Top award: 5 000


Mystical Jewels
Main Screen
Mystical Jewels
Free Games
Mystical Jewels
Pay Table

Bonuses and features

StarThe Wild symbol appears only on 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

7Jackpot symbol - 5 on the screen pays max win or Jackpot.
  • Special feature - when the win from the current game is paid, all the symbols featured in the winning combination disappear, and the symbols above them cascade down in their place
  • Free games mode - all the wins during the free games are doubled. More free games can be won during the mode

Cascading symbols feature

When the win from the current game is paid, all the symbols featured in the winning combination disappear, the upper symbols on the reels cascade down in their place, and the free space on the reels is substituted by new symbols. If there occurs another winning combination after this cascade, it is paid and the winning symbols are again replaced in the same way. This repeats, until no winning combination appears. The replacement of symbols is for free.

When the first cascading symbols winning combination occurs, then a sign “x2” in the upper part of the screen lights up, meaning that all the wins after the first cascade will be multiplied by 2. After the second and third cascading symbols wins, the signs “x3” and “x5” light up, and the wins are multiplied accordingly by 3 and 5. If after the fourth cascade there another winning combination occurs, then player gets 7 free games, the fifth cascade gives 10 free games, and any further cascade brings 15 free games.

Free games mode

If the player hits 4, 5 or more consecutive cascading symbols wins then he gets 7, 10 or 15 free games respectively. All the wins during the free games are multiplied by 2. More free games can be won during the free games mode.

Technical data


Linked MysteryLinked Mystery
Linked ProgressiveLinked Progressive
CTIVGaming platform: CTIV

Key Game Features

Gemini SeriesGemini Series Product
SAS 6.xxCredit multi denomination
SAS 6.xxSAS 6.01 compatibility

Language support: English, Spanish, Russian


Country Version Category Laboratory /
Certification No.
Languages Part Number Features
Czech Republic 1,02 EUR - kat.4 itc 1078.07 Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000349.03 QCM, SAS
Czech Republic 13,35 herna - kat.2 itc 1097.07 Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000350.36
Czech Republic 13,06 CZK - kat.3 itc 1098.07 Eng, Ger, Cz 012.000350.07
Romania 1,07 International 0524/07 Eng, Rus, Bul, Esp 012.000351.08 QCM, SAS
Hungary 1,07 Cat1 HU OMH/Szth-474E/8/2007 Eng, Ger, Hun 012.000598.08 QCM, SAS
Hungary 1,07 Cat 3 (Casino) HU OMH/Szth-519C/4/2007 Eng, Rus, Bul, Esp 012.000352.08 QCM, SAS

Extras / Fun

Mystical Jewels Brochure:

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