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Over the past 10 years multi-games have become one of the most successful formats on casino floor. One of the most important benefits of the multi-game products is that they provide more games in the same gaming unit and permit the player sitting comfortably at the same place even when he wants to change the game. They also provide flexibility to the operators willing to offer a better game mix to more players and an opportunity for better occupancy of the slot machines.

Casino Technology is a recognised producer of multi games, whose popular products have achieved continued success in many parts of the world. There have been developed 4 series of multi-game products so far, representing a selection of high performing video slots, offered in different configurations.


Recently there were launched several brand new versions of the popular multi-game series GAMOPOLIS™ announced under the general brand ABSOLUTE GAMES™.

Combining real video slot hits along with the most promising new concepts from the company, ABSOLUTE GAMES™ are released on the new PC gaming platform Tough Rider ™, ensuring a range of benefits for the operator, including new technical specification enhancements and easy game conversion capabilities of the gaming software. Combined with a range of additional benefits offered by the latest slot-machines series TANGRA TOUCH ™, GEMINI SENSA™ and GEMINI SENSA PLUS™ the ABSOLUTE GAMES™ series provide some of the most attractive solutions for varied, flexible and profitable slot mix.

Each one of the latest versions GAMOPOLIS 3, 4, 5 and 6 consists of 10 completely different games, allowing these 40 video slot titles collected in just 4 machines to offer great choice to visitors. The next versions GAMOPOLIS 7, 8, 9 and 10, which will include brand new titles, will be launched soon. GAMOPOLIS 3, 4 and 5 are also offered in short versions, featuring 5 or 4 different games, available for selected markets (by customer’s request).


Multi-game series
  • A series of multi-games, collecting the best video-slot performers from Casino Technology
  • Each release offers a smart selection of video-slots within single unit, selectable by the player on a multi-game screen
  • Combining different gaming concepts suited to different players
  • Providing bigger space saving options for managing slot floors
  • Multilingual support: English, Spanish, Russian

Other Multi Games



Credit multi-denomination

An option that allows the credit value per bet to be chosen by the player, thereby providing the option to play with a different credit at the same slot machine and providing opportunity for operators to use the same video slot for different categories of players.

SAS 6.xx

SAS compatibility

SAS is commonly accepted international protocol that allows network connectivity and communication of the video slot games with casino management systems.

Gemini Series

Second screen support

The second screen feature provides varied additional options, such as on-screen current pay table, game help screen or ‘Attract mode’ with animation, increasing the appeal and interactive feel of the game. All releases from the GEMINI SERIES support a second screen feature.

Double-up feature

Additional double-up card game, available in several modes: High/Low, High/Low/Collect, or Black/Red.


Featured games support several types of jackpots, including:


Alchemic Fusion multi-level jackpot


Quatro Cash Mania multi-level jackpot

Stand Alone Progressive jackpot

Stand Alone Progressive jackpot

Linked Mystery jackpot

Linked Mystery jackpot *

Linked Progressive jackpot

Linked Progressive jackpot *

* Using Casino Technology proprietary jackpot controllers

Tough Rider AtlasCTIV

Gaming platform

Three types of custom gaming hardware platforms based on the latest technological solutions, providing for high level of security, reliable performance, and quality graphics and sound.

BENEFITS of Tough Rider

  • High quality wide screen resolution and multi-channel stereo sound
  • Ensuring flawless and reliable performance operation of your gaming unit
  • Conveniently engineered CPU solution, allowing fast and easy game conversion capabilities
  • Featuring push out mechanism, CPU box diagnostic front LED display, dual-lock ready
  • Improved software security
Life Time Support

Life Time Support

Our products are provided for timely maintenance and service during the whole period of their operation. This is made through a system of activities, including: web-based customer’s question registration, response within two working days, dedicated support and documentation, reported problems testing, training programs, technical documentation customization.


Regulatory agencies and laboratories approvals, ensuring compliance with the local and international legal and technical requirements and regulations. For more details, please contact: [email protected].

Life Time Support

Multi Gemini Brochure:

Multi Gemini ( 371 KB)